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What is a Word Chain?

A word chain is a simple word game, the object of which is to change one word into another through the smallest possible number of steps. At each step a player may perform one of four specific actions upon the word in play - either add a letter, remove a letter or change a letter without switching the order of the letters in play, or create an anagram of the current word. The trick is that each new step must create a valid, English-language word. A quick exaple would be FROG » FOG » FLOG » GOLF. (First we removed the 'R', then added an 'L', and finally we anagrammed FLOG into GOLF). This sample game consisted of three steps.

More information is available at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Choose which type of game you'd like to play:

Most new players will want to play these games, as they have been proven solvable by previous players on Wordchains.com. You will also be given a chance to beat the current record for each puzzle by completing it in fewer steps than your predecessors.

For the more adventurous and advanced player. Not every puzzle here can be solved - it has been estimated that approximately 94% of word pairs between 3 and 6 letters in length are solvable - but here you can try word pairs that have never been tried before on this site.

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